The purpose of our miniature golf courses, are to create a competitive and safe activity for all ages that will promote good fun, skill, sportsmanship and fair play.’

Miniature golf has a large following and offers a high level of goodwill as a business venture. Indoor or outdoor mini golf is successful everywhere, but the game has received a boost in popularity over the past twenty years due to the construction of ‘New Generation’ courses. These courses are more successful because the focus on the skill need for each hole is appealing to a wider age group who take the game a bit more seriously, which promotes return business.

Courses that depend on novelties are still fun to play, and they benefit from more playing hours because patronage is not affected greatly by weather. If your course is well designed and challenging it will appeal to a larger age group who will want to come back for more, this in turn reflects greater profits. For more information on the things we take into consideration when planning and building a course see ‘Lets Build’ or browse our gallery for the visual experience.